I have stated my position and posted it here for awhile. It hasn't changed but I think it has served it's purpose. Good luck to everyone no matter what the outcome is.
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NEW Oklahoma Youth All State Award Requirements

Joe Jeter @ World Cup with Aaron Pico

Commando WC Signup
Tulsa: ThreeStyle Wrestling Training
Wrestling Referee Application
Wrestling Journal
Custom Team Bracelets by Aimee Dauphin
Oklahoma City Youth Wrestling Foundation
Every year I start this process and a good many people follow the instructions and everything works GREAT, but, the few that don't can cause both of us to become irritated with the other.
EVERY wrestling requirement for the All State Award has passed, you either QUALIFIED or you DIDN'T. Now the other parts of the award are grades for ONE SEMESTER. We have BOTH SEMESTERS of this school year, and FIRST semester following this summer, so we have THREE Semesters to get the Grades. The grades basically ONE B and the rest A's (I have a educator help me check all this) and at least 8 hrs of community service.
PLEASE, EMAIL me the names of those that qualify and lets get started on having things done BEFORE next November which IS ThE FINAL DEADLINE.

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